Context Aware Anchor


Can anybody give a real time example usage of Context Aware Anchor activity?I am getting that the difference between Anchor base and Context Aware Anchor activities is that Context Aware anchor activity doesn’t need an anchor that doesn’t change.

But can anybody provide me a working example to set text of the “First Name” field in the following URL by using First Name label as the anchor and the text box as the target?

I am not sure whether its a good approach to use “Context Aware Anchor” here because First Name field is dramatically changing its position all over the web page every time I reload the page.



For this RPA challenge, use Anchor Base Activity. Inside this activity use Find Element Activity and indicate that labels like FirstName, Last Name etc… and then right side use Type Into Activity to type text.

First it will find the label and then enter value into corresponding field.


I have already implemented this using Anchor Base.I am trying to understand when to use “Context Aware Anchor Base”.


Hi Guys,

Did some research and my understanding is as follows,

When we don’t have a unique anchor, but if we know the rectangle area where our anchor will always appear and we have only our anchor of that control type in that area, we should use “Context aware anchor base” so we can spy the anchor correct.



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