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Hello Everyone,

I was exploring few activities but i got stuck on Anchor Base activity.
Under input properties there is a tag called Anchor position having options as : top, bottom, etc but i didn’t get it that for what purpose could we use OnTop property.
Can we anyone explain me this please. I couldn’t even Find about it in Studio Guide.
Thanks in advance


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@Priya_Pandey Please check below thread.


You can find here.

Thanks for replying @lakshman and @Manjuts90 as i mentioned above i already checked studio guide docs for anchor base. see i couldn’t find any description of it.Capture



It’s available na. For every position like Top, Bottom, Left, Right and Auto etc…

But i specifically asked for OnTop Property. that i am not understanding. and its not defined u can check it or check out the screenshot

When you select Top, you basically set that your anchor is somewhere on “top” of your desired element.

I believe OnTop has been added recently, and not quite sure what’s the difference between Top and OnTop. You could try and to do some testing and see if there are any.

Yeah Thanx for replying but i tried testing it , i thought may be it would be for element on top of the required one but its not working.

Yeah thats what TOP does but what about OnTop?

Fine @Priya_Pandey

Its very simple, when you select a anchor base activity which has two segments anchor on left and activity on right side within activity container

where for anchor you can choose the position f the anchor with respect to the text or image that you are going to access and that anchor can be defined with its position anywhere like it can at the top of the text or image you want or to right side or left side,

So lets take a example here in this page itself
here if choose the uiforum as anchor and i need anchorbaseactivity as text output with get text like this

Thts all , you can get the text beneath any anchor on top like this if we choose the option as top, so its all depending the position of anchor we have or consider @Priya_Pandey

Cheers @Priya_Pandey

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Thank you so much for replying but this is all about using “TOP” i am asking about “ONTOP” its the last option in properties

Seems nobody understood what you were asking… lol

I believe the “OnTop” property value is for when your anchor is literally on top of the element (i.e., like text on top of an image or textbox) - like layered.

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