Failed Criteria confronted for the uploaded workflow of Certification Exam

Hi All,

I’ve recently uploaded my certification exam workflow and I’m confronting some of the errors in it. But I’m able to get the output without any error and I’ve no idea why is the evaluation is not as expected.

I’ve attached my workflow as well as the failed criteria screenshot along, Please help me resolve.
Looking forward to your response.
<Link removed by Staff. It is not allowed to post the Certification project files>

@Mahesh_Marella Check below thread it will help you regarding some of comments in failed criteria.

Hi, Thank you for your responseI’ve checked with it… can you please check my workflow if it is running?
Except for window credentials I don’t think there might be any other workflow error.

@Mahesh_Marella Did you change the things mentioned in above thread. you missed many things according to description given in failed criteria not window credentials. I don’t have latest version of uipath to check sorry.