Making sense of failed criteria in advance developer's certification

I did not pass the UIPath advanced developer certificate, can someone help me make sense of this failed criteria?

I’ve received it twice in a row now, exactly the same feedback for two different questions (and the same marks, to boot!):

use robotic enterprise framework,
check transaction item variable and arguments data type,
check separate xaml file for login to acme, with correct definition and functionality. ,
check config file - config.xlsx for extra configurations for acme_url and acme_credential,
check for renaming activities 1,
check for optimal filtering of datatable records,
check for synchronizing ui when navigating pages

Yes, I did use the REFramework. Yes, the transaction item type matches the requirement of being a String. Yes, there was a separate XAML file for login, and it works, and the config file does contain URL and credentials.

No, there was no “renaming activities 1” anywhere within the question specification. I don’t know what is meant by optimal filtering of database records, or synchronizing UI (my browser navigation already checks that the page is loaded and that the correct element exists on every navigation).

If someone has encountered a similar problem or has any advice, I would greatly appreciate it.

I can PM the solution and question if it helps (since I probably can’t post it openly).

Hi @eijna

Do you still encounter the same problem?


Yes, it’s the same feedback for two different attempts.

Is your process have a dispatcher and performer part or it needs only one process?

Only one process.

Bump, so it doesn’t get closed.

Bump, so it doesn’t get closed.

Hi @eijna

I would urge you to create a ticket with our Academy support. We prefer not to discuss the certification procedure on the forum to keep its integrity :slight_smile:

And here is the reply I got:

In order to complete the assignment you have to respect the criteria suggested when you are receiving the results of the assignment. All the criteria listed are suggestions for your assignment: what to check/change.

Unfortunately, we have no developers available to check your assignment manually, so if you still have issues with the assignment, we kindly advise you to access our forum here: and ask about this issue, in order to receive the prompt response.

Unfortunately, this is not very useful either. Could you provide any help on this @loginerror
Thanks in advance.