Doubts about certification practical exercise Failed Criteria

Hi experts!

I’ve done the practical exam for certification and I don’t understand some aspects of Failed Criteria points (my comments on square brackets):

Your final mark is 64

Unfortunately you did not pass the Certification on 2019-01-29 10:27:43.

Your status is - Not Certified

Failed criteria:

check config file - config.xlsx for extra configurations for acme_url and acme_credential
[I know that I have made it wrong putting clearly my username and password in Config.xlsx, but I don’t understand how to make it with Windows Credentials. Should I have to create a credential in my own Windows Credential Manager (i.e., “acme_credential” with my ACME email and password), make reference to it in Confix.xlsx Settings: Name=ACME_Credential, Value=acme_credential and use “Get Secure Credencial” activity with Target=“in_Config(“ACME_Credential”).ToString”?],

check for renaming activities 1,
check for renaming activities 2,
[is there a way to know what activities are referring to?]

check for correct target selector 2,
[is there a way to know what selector are referring to?]

check for correct usage of items from the transactionitem 1 ,
check usage of transactiondata,
check for correct usage of transactiondata,
[not sure about what is referring to]

check against using hardcoded values 2,
[I’m almost sure I’m not using any harcoded value…is there a way to know what value is referring to?]

check using correct city values
[my exercise talked about countries, I don’t know what should I do with the city values…]

Thanks in advance!


@Daniel_Martinez-Cace Hello,

You have to store credentials in windows credential manager and use the reference(for example acme_crdential) in config sheet. Do as usual to get values from config file.

Hardcoded values refers to link used for navigation and City names array you might have used directly in workflow. Store necessary values in config file and from config get the values.

I think u might used used extra city names or you have missed the city names which are given in question. If your attempting second, city names will get changed please check it once.

you can’t know which activities directly. Rename the activities which you have used in workflow. I think it will solve your problem.

Since we are passing values in transactionItem variable, there is no need of transactiondata variable. You can remove transactiondata variable in workflow completely.


Hi @Manjuts90!

Many thanks for your quick response. I’ll try to improve my workflow using your tips and I hope to pass the certification.


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@Daniel_Martinez-Cace it’s okay buddy, no problem.

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