Advance assignment 2 transaction number

Good morning.

I am at assignment 2 in advance academy.
I have to extract data from the datatable and filter ‘WI4’ and add those in the queue. The first page is extracted and filtered and is also added to the queue, but it does not go to the second page.

I am trying to go to the next page using transaction number, and then assigning this number to transaction item.

Well, i feel i have mistaken in the selector of the page number. May be thats why its not finding the next page.

please help,

See this thread


Go to get transaction workflow
And assign number of transaction to transactionNumber+1

i did it, it increments for the first time but then it remains the same.

ok, it goes till page 9, it stops at 10.

When using ReFramework there is no need to increment Transaction Number it gets incremented in SetTransactionStatus.xaml automatically.

If all steps are working correctly.


oh yeah,
thanks :slight_smile: