Generate Yearly Report Dispatcher Issue

Hi Guys!!! Pls help. I am facing issue with the Dispatcher. In Get_Transaction_Data stage the workflow is throwing error saying no more transaction data to process.
Can someone pls help…Main.xaml (51.7 KB) GetTransactionData.xaml (12.5 KB) SetTransactionStatus.xaml (8.0 KB) Process.xaml (9.9 KB

furthermore i dont understand the below part-(attached screenshot)
in assignement task it says we have to check if the next page exists …but we are checking the current page number…i mean to say in_transactionnumber is current page no and that is what we pass in dynamic selector


Hi @Devjyoti_Bhattachary

Basically you are checking or validating whether the page exists or not before assigning something to transaction item.
You made your GetTransactionData.xaml a complex thing.
You can try this way - using element exist validate the page ( current transaction number+1), and if page exists assign the transaction number to transaction item. Use the same selector which is in the screenshot.


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Thanks Akhil, I’ll try this out …

Yes, I also have this double. It seems that it just to get all WI4 items, why not to use the way in ReFrameWork_Security Cash, and extract all the WI4 items to a datatable directly?

Hi @Leo_Chen

As we are dealing here with queues, we are using this method in dispatcher. Instead of scraping all the pages at once is a kind of lengthy process. After you scrape you are filtering at the end. Instead of that, in this way we are validating each page and passing it as transaction item and then adding it to the queue in one iteration


use SPAN instead Of LI it will work

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@Imran, yes this is the solution