Assignment 2 Generate yearly report - Navigate to Next Page

I’m trying to complete the Dispatcher section for the assignment 2, but I’m currently stuck with process and GetTransActionData -sections for some reason my robot navigates to a page “ACME System 1 - Log In” after every transaction creating a kind of a weird loop. It seems to ignore page 1 altogether and jumps straight to page 2, then opens page 3 for a second and then going back to page 2. I have tried different methods but nothing seems to help

Process.xaml (14.9 KB)

GetTransactionData.xaml (12.9 KB)

Hello @JoonaM

In process.xaml for click activity on Page number: Can you check Selector: “”

Let me know does it work?

hi @JoonaM

find the correct selector using uiexplorer. It may be works.

What do you mean about correct selector? Currently my screenshot for "Element Appears is this:


and my Selector for that is:

It seems to switch to page 2 right after my debugging messageBox inside Element Appear so could the issue be somehow related to extract datatable - functionality?

Process.xaml (14.1 KB)

you can just use data capturing to get whole table on each and every page. its easy