Help! Assignment 2( Dispatcher part) Level 3

I completed dispatcher part. It fetch all the transaction data, but after that it doesn’t work. And another thing is the transaction number starts from 2.
I tried every possible way I can but can’t solve it. Can anybody please help me?
I’ve attached the project here. (506.0 KB)

Whether TransactionNumber is set to one in the Variables panel in the main???..

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a quick fix, when it’s erring out… open the particular plane and repair… most of the time the repair works perfectly for you :slight_smile:

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yes, what should it be?

I did that too. but it’s not working :disappointed_relieved:

I saw your workflow , you are incrementing the transaction number before the process state ,
so its showing the processing transaction number as 2.
So incrementation of transaction number is done in the set transaction status at the end of the process state, so need of doing again…
So, remove the incrementation of transaction number inside the Get Transaction state…


pass me the selectors you are using of 1st and the error item!!!

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I used dynamic selector and the selector is


Hey @Hasna_Hoque_Mitu

You have incremented the TransactionNumber value at the end of the GetTransactionState. So you are getting the transaction number value as two. Please check out.

Yes, you got it.

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Where should I increase the Transaction number? or How can i fix it? How the workflow should be?

Remove that if condition. The transaction number will be incremented by default in RE Framework.


Thank you fro your reply. I deleted that if condition but now it’s not fetching any data.


But you deleted the activities in setTransactionStatus.xaml.

The below activity should be there.
Refer the academy courses.

Please refer the Academy Assignment Task Documentation.

Now? If I copy setTransactionStatus.xaml from another project, will it work?

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Yes it works and make sure you have the same parameters…

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Thanks dear. I was so frustrated about this project. After fixing it I’ll let you know the condition.

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Hi, There is a problem. In new project the type of in_TransactionItem is QueueItem but in my project type of in_TransactionItem is string. Now if I change the type in new project to string it shows error.