Adding Download Path to file explorer

Hi Guys.

This is a simple task. But for some reason, it does not work. I am trying to add a download path to windows file explorer. But it will not let me use the type into activity to key in path. I can tried to enter the file path in the file name part of the save as which works. But problem is that if the user navigates to another path it uses that path instead. I want to enter it in the top url part highlighted in the image.

Can anyone help?

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Type the full name (path & file name) into te “File name” field.


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I know that works. I want to it to go inside the URL part of file explorer.

Not sure I understand you well. But you could just click in the “URL” field and type whatever you need


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Hi Joska. Try it. It does not work. Yes that is what I want to work.

Hi @bobby,

Please use this template .xaml file.

Two points to note-

  1. Please mark “ClickBeforeTyping” under “Options” in Type Into Activity
  2. [k(enter)] is used to navigate to the path

TypeIntoFileExplorerField.xaml (4.8 KB)


It works. The trick is that you need to take selector when the field is in edit mode :slight_smile:

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That does not work either. Does it work on your machine?

Can I see your workflow please? Not sure what I am doing wrong. This is supposed to be the easiest thing ever to automate.

Here you are
.sandbox.xaml (20.5 KB)

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Note the difference between two selectors:

the “tree view”
<wnd app=‘chrome.exe’ cls=‘#32770’ title=‘Save As’ />
<wnd ctrlid=‘1001’ title=‘Address: C:\Users’ />

the “input field”
<wnd app=‘chrome.exe’ cls=‘#32770’ title=‘Save As’ />
<wnd ctrlid=‘41477’ />

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May i know how you are adding the download path ? i mean that path is text which stored in a string variable ? in what way you are adding or deciding the download path?

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Yes it’s a string that contains the path. I am using the type into activity. But for some reason it is not possible to add it to the URL bar. It’s fine added in the file name part or the search bar.

Ok fine Don’t waste you time on doing this method?
Just go to that selector and remove the values whatever there in title field just add the string variable in that. let me know its worked or not?

title='Address: “Some path in selector” Something like this right?

Just remove after address and add the variable in it

I hope you understood my point.

Let me know its worked or not

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It does not work. Unfornately. This is so annoying

I am confused sorry. Do you do this inside the click activity?

Ok give me a minute i will share the workflow @bobby
No worries will make it work!!

What was result of running the attached wf?

Try this one using simple Windows Explorer
.sandbox.xaml (8.9 KB)

@bobby i just tried your use case, my previous solution will not work here sorry for this .
i have another solution but i guess this is not the best answer i acknowledge before itself.

Problem here is that url bar doesn’t contain a standard selector right!! because it may open any previous session page only in save as dialog so you may not find the standard selector for that particular page.

So that you just click desktop folder in the save as dialog box and give that desktop selector into the type into activity. It will work for sure in any case.

Because of clicking desktop folder you get the standard selector for type into activity right?

it may poor sorry , some automation giants can solve this issue.

Hope it helps,
Thanks @bobby

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