Adding Download Path to file explorer

It opened chrome. Entered cntrl s and the windows dialog came up. After that it never entered in the string value :frowning:

Yes you are correct not a valid selector is present. I do not understand what you mean by click desktop. Sorry if I am being stupid

in the left pane any folder not only desktop it may documents,downloads anyting. because when you click it will open that respective folder right !! then you can use that respective page selector for your type into activity

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Ok that makes sense. What do you mean respective page selector? Why is this silly thing so hard. I hate windows sometimes.

yeah you need to give some standard selector inside type into activity right? just for saying you are clicking desktop, it will open desktop folder right, then in type into activity indicate element just indicate the url bar of desktop (that you clicked). then pass the path to type into activity.

Hope you understand!!

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Hi Sriram, I tried that buddy. But it does not seem to work. Here is my workflow. (13.3 KB)

Wait but are you suggesting navigating to the folder in the file explorer using click activities to get to the desired path and then use type into activity to key in the file name?

Here you are a working one. (13.0 KB)

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Just change the position of click in url field, use click position as bottom right something…try this one and let me know

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It does not work

Hey J0ska. That works. How did you do that man. Wow nice

I believe I know what the trick is…

If the preset path is long enough the Click activity will not click into empty space (note the activity clicks to “Center” of selected field ) but into the “tree” (see attach screenshot) and the field will not turn into entry field and consequent “Type Into” doesn’t work…


And the finals solution is…

…click the “folder” icon in front of the URL. It will always turn on the entry field.



Absolute Legend. Thanks for your help man. :slight_smile:

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