A problem about download file

I use Wait For Download Activity to download file from Chrome,and the problem is when it pop up the Save as Window,I use Type Into Activity type the file path and file name,because I want to rename this file.Then when I after type the file path,I use Send HotKey Activity type the key [enter],then It is not saved in my preset path the file save in the default path and the file name is the default name.How should I do?

You should provide the full path with filename in the type into and use click activity to save

@Sree_Krishnan_vellinezhi ,My file path name is “C:\flodername\filename.xlsx”,I think it shouldn’t go wrong.And I will try click the save button to save.

ensure that foldername is inside the Cdrive

Are you getting any error?

@Sree_Krishnan_vellinezhi ,Ok,I tried.Click save button is useful.It saved in my set path.But before this project I use Send HotKey Activity is useful in others project.What Wrong with it?

@Lak_Ui ,Thanks,I solved it!

The enter works only when the save is indicated but in somehow it doesnt indicate so there the error comes soo better to use click only

MarK it as solution if your query is over

you should click on save use one more click activity instead of hotkey

@Sree_Krishnan_vellinezhi ,oh no,when i run the project,it failed,the file path and file name become default.When I test it,it succees,why?

@Veera_Raj ,em,when I run the whole project it failed as the same problem.And this time I use the Click to click save button.

Please keep delay between type into and click (min 3sec)
after and before keep delays and try

and also in type into activity properties use click before typing and empty field is true

may be given selectors wasn’t dynamic please make sure selectors dynamic

and if you unable to make selectors dynamic please go with click Image activity and give delay before 3 sec

@Sree_Krishnan_vellinezhi ,I tried twice,it failed.The file path typed success,and then click save button,the file path and file name turn default.

@Veera_Raj ,My selectors I tried the type default and the type AA,I can write the file path,but when i click save button it will turn default.

Can you show the screen shot where u are typing and that box which appears before and after screnshots

Also mention what is your default path


Before I type into,there is the defalut file name.

There is the file path and file name what I want.
Oh,Then I tried to run.If my file path stay at “C:\Users\Download”,it will success,the file will turn “C:\Flodername\MyFileName.zip”.But if it stay the floder what i want to download file it will failed.It will turn “C:\Flodername\DefalutFileName.zip”.When I download success,the second time will failed.