How to "Click" or "Type into" File Explorer's textbox for file path?

I need to access a certain location from file explorer.
But when I use click activity, it just clicks on whatever is already in the TextBox (in the below example, it clicks on Quick access).

I have a file path stored in a variable, and I want the robot to type that variable content in this TextBox, but it wouldn’t let me. How could I click this TextBox so I can type into it?

I struggled with UI Explorer, but I couldn’t find an element for this TextBox. One thing I want to make sure, I need this to be generic, so this will work on any File Explorer. Right now, I am developing this on my local computer, but the actual robot will later be installed in another computer, so I have to make sure anything too specific to this computer needs to be removed from the selector.


Hey @tomato25,

Please find the workflow attached.I hope this would help.

_Test.xaml (5.9 KB)

I have used type into activity for this purpose.

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Thank you. but it is not working. I opened File Explorer, and I ran your program, but it doesn’t type anything in the search bar.

Hey @tomato25,

Use the Send Hotkey activity to navigate the search bar(maybe use alt+e) and use the Type Into activity.

Michael Udhaya

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Alt + E put a focus on the search bar, but that is not where I want to put focus…

Then find the shortcut of that text box. And use the above logic.

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Hello @tomato25
First Use a click Activity to set focus on the Quick Access Bar and then Type Into the directory in it

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Hi buddy

You were almost done
You can use click Activity and click in that box…but enable the property Simulate click in click Activity
–then use a type into Activity and pass the input file path you have and make sure that the properties like simulate type, clickbeforetyping, Emptyfield are enabled in type into activity…

Well if its no showing as individual element that can be selected, then us send hot key Activity and use tab key until it reaches the file explorer path field…then type use type into and a send hot key with key as enter,

This would work for sure buddy
Kindly try this and let know for any queries or clarification
Cheers @tomato25

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