Click + Type into to edit the folder path in Save As pop-up

What click or other action to use in this pop-up in order to be able to edit the path?

… like here.

I tried all 3 click input methods but nothing worked.
(upload://mJpDMGgJTLGBQJu4gzr9kiIMOWX.xaml) (21.0 KB)

[Download Monthly Invoices.xaml|attachment]


Hi, you can use a variable or arguement and pass it inside a Type Into Activity…

Here’s an example :point_down:

You shouldn’t edit the path by that way.
You can use Type Into to input full path of file into FileName text box (e.g. “C:\Test\Report.xslx”) then the path will be change automatically

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Can you please attach one more time the image 3. It doesn’t have hyperlink and I think there is my answer.

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Hi Doanh,

Any idea why it doesn’t work? You can see below that it still keep the default file name and still wants to save it in Downloads.

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if you have checked ‘SimulateType’ option to True, try again with false.


You wont be able to directly type in the address bar . you need to follow the below steps

  1. Do A right Click on the address bar , setting the mouse button in click activity as Button right
  2. Once you make a click , it will display 3 options , use click activity and click Edit Address
  3. Then use Type into to edit the address .

This should work :slight_smile:

please do follow comment of Dongjin_Lee: change setting of Simulate Type


Thank you !

Can you please past the full value from that Assign activity (to see what is after “Env”)

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