Unable to select C Drive in Explorer using Recording

Hi Team,

I have run Web Recording activity.
I downloaded 1 file from the website.
Once completed download pop up a message whether to open or save the file.

I able to click untill the Save As unable to choose n click C drive using the recording activity.
I tried using Select Folder activity instead but show this error.
i created the variable-string but shown the ! error.

Can you advice how can i open the folder from explorer using recording or other activity and to resolved this issue?

Appreciate yr help.


Hi @azmee_zainol, basically for your use case, what you want to do is assign your desired save location to a variable. For example, create a variable call FilePath as String variable. You can assign your desired save location to FilePath by using Assign activity, or by providing as default value.

FilePath = “C:\xxxx”. Then when it comes to the save as screen. Use Type Into activity to the file name field.
remember to append your file name to the file path e.g. FilePath + “abc.txt”

Hope this helps

Hi @quihan,

Thanks for the respond.
I want to save the file that i have downloaded from website to the specific foler.
But im unable to click the folder directory in Explorer using Recording activity.Just able to record until Save As .
Would you mind to share the flow in Xaml format?


Hi @azmee_zainol, the workflow is as simple as thing. But make sure you attach your browser window,re-indicate your save as File Name field and re-indicate your Save button.

Make sure you change it the Browser Type to the browser you are using.

Save_As.xaml (8.3 KB)


Hi @quihan

Thanks for the input.

Now , I want to download the file from website then save it to preferred location.
the file that i want to download is the latest file and the arrangment of the file is the bottom is the latest one.
the maximum file can be download is 8.So how to editthe Selector to become less or equal 8 .i tried <=8 but got an error
let say downloaded file are 6 and located at the bottom of the list .

Hi @azmee_zainol, do you want to download the last file? or download till the last file?

Hi Quihan

I want to download the last/latest file which is located at the bottom of the list regardless how many the files in the list as long as the file is the latest file (from the bottom of the list).

I tried to replace the number to * at tableRow attributes but im not sure whether it will download the file at the bottom of the list or not?

If im not mistaken * mean regardless how many file it has in the list.


Hi @azmee_zainol, you are right. * will select any number which matches your selector and the first occurrence. Is there anywhere in your selector that you can determine the maximum number of the table row?

Hi @quihan

Im not sure how it works because the website will popup a message say the files already exceed limit which is max 10 files in the list.

Let say previously there were 5 files already open from website, then i opened the last file (located at bottom of the list) .The next day i want to open another file so the file count already become 6 n the file that i want to open is at the bottom of the list which mean the latest one.

So how to create a sequence using Uipath to download the bottom file only regardless files counts in the list.

There’s one way to do it. If the robot is the only one downloading the file, after you download the file, the robot should delete the file after downloading. That way, your newly download file will always be at the first row. Assume robot starts with blank download tab. Is it possible to do it this way?

Ermm…i dont think so because the newly ready to download file is always be at the last row (yellow highlighted).The blue circle is download button.
So to open the new file i have to click the download button.
If use recording, the sequence will remember which row i have clicked during recording process.
As screen below, there have 5 files and the new file is highlighted and been recorded as well.
If the files list is not equal to 5 it will error.So I would to know regardless how many files in the list it will download the always be at the last row when i run the robot in the future.

Hi @azmee_zainol, it is possible to remove the old files from the list? If not, the maximum number of files is 10?

Hi @quihan

Yes it possible.Once reached limit to 10, we can manually delete the old files using the delete button in website.

Hi @azmee_zainol, i’ll suggest removing the old files. When there is a new file, the robot should start download the file and remove it after downloading.

If you want the robot to download the last file in the list. Unless you can get the size of the list. If not, you have to use a Try Catch and find for the last row of the list. For example, start from tableRow=10. If the selector is not found, decrease table row to 9 and search again, carry on until you the link.


Hi @quihan,

Thanks for the input.
I successfully run the step by using tableRow and TableColumn function in Edit Selector.


That’s good @azmee_zainol, good to know. Happy automating :slight_smile: