Activation / connection of Ui Robot fails

Hello together,

I am trying to connect UiPath Robot (I am using a Studio Enterprise trial license) to Orchestrator.

Before, with the Community Version, it worked out, going through the steps described here:

However, now when I go through all the steps, finally when I want to connect the Robot i get an error:

“No connection could be made because the target computer refused the connection 104…”

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Hi @MW23

Please try not to post screenshots that contain sensitive information (in this case the IP address).

Hello @MW23,
Please check if during machine deployment you have copied the correct machine key to the Robot.
Better use our official documentation:

This step by step process should help you :wink:

I think i have done everything according to the official documentation but it still gives me the same error…

Anyone an idea, how I can solve the issue of “No connection could be made because the target computer refused the connection [IP address]”?

(I have the latest version of Studio Enterprise installed (2019.4.3); am logged in at; have created a robot and used the machine key from the subsequently created machine to connect the UiPath Robot from the system tray).

In that case please open ticket in our Technical Support.

is that also possible with a Trial Enterprise license?
I cannot enter my company’s name and thus cannot submit the ticket:


…and i guess that is because i have entered a trial key?!

Please look that only sections with “*” are required so organization’s name is not crutial here.

Additionally please also provide License Code without any space or special characters as it stands in description.

When i try to click submit, it tells me “please fill all mandatory fields”…but the only field I have not filled is “End Organization’s Name”…but i cannot enter anything here because the field is greyed-out…

So while i cannot submit the form: would it make any sense to send an email directly to ?

with the information required in the fields…

Hi @MW23

I have found this thread which seems to be going over similar issue:

What I could suggest is for you too make sure you have a local administrator privileges on your machine and that no firewall (including the company one) is blocking the connections between your machine and the Orchestrator CE.

Then, you can also try these two articles from our docs. This one is an official guide you should follow to provision your Robot to Orchestrator:

And this one is about setting up proxy for your Robot:

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So the closed network was the problem, I guess.

As far as access rights are concerned: i already had admin rights - so that was not it.

But when I requested a User Guest WLAN Access where no proxy settings are used…then it worked.

Thanks for that suggestion.

PS: The link for the redirection of robots didn’t work for me:
When i went through steps 1 through 6 here ( under “Configuring the Web Browser”, then I could not reach any internet page anymore.

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