Cannot Activate Enterprise Edition Trial

I am completely new to Uipath . I have installed community studio . Now I want to try the enterprise edition 60 days trial .
I have downloaded and installed the enterprise setup from Resource Center .

After installation I am unable to activate it .

After following the steps “Connecting Robots to Orchestrator” .I am getting the error after connecting the robot to orchestrator

Hi @debapriyo_haldar,
Make sure you are using the correct username while provisioning the robot in the orchestrator.
You can find the correct username by typing whoami in the cmd.

Hi @debapriyo_haldar,

Search for Uipath robot and then fill the info.

This is how you conenect the robot to orchestrator: Click Here

@shankm @rmunro Thanks for the reply I have already connected the robot to orchestrator

In my lIcenses it is showing community plan . Can that be any issue ?


Click on the edit button and make sure you allocated enough licences for the orchestrator

Also make sure you dont use enterprise studio connecting to orchestrator community edition…