How can we activate the Uipath enterprise edition - free trial


I have successfully installed UiPath studio enterprise edition free trial. When I try to open it it asked me to enter license key. But I dont have any key which is received from UiPath.


When I click on Add license key, I dont have any key. If I click on Acquire license key it displayed me below error.

Note : The robot is not connected to orchestrator , or there is a license version mismatch…

But when I try to follow the suggested topic from above issue, it asked me to open robot tray and proceed with with.

Do we want to install UiPath robot separately or Is it a inbuilt thing with UiPath studio.?


How can I resolve this issue ?

Thanks !!!

Did you sign on Orchestrator?
You have to connect with orchestrator that is enterprise license.

Hi @jhj3627,

I have now logged into orchestrator. And how can we connect to orchestrator?

My login screen will be as below

Click the service then you can go into your orchestrator main.

  1. Create Machine(Management-Machines tab)
  2. Create Robot(Management-Robots tab)
  3. Go to UiPath Assistant(your local)
  4. Set the Orchestrator Settings.
    Machine key=copy the machine key on Orchestrator-Management-Machines tab)
  5. Finally Connect!
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Hi @jhj3627,

Yeah,I followed your steps.

but now I’m facing another issue.

  1. I copied the machine key from Orchestrator.
  2. Then tick on Manual and clicked on Continue
  3. Then in manual step 1 and I got that request to text file
  4. To continue manual step 2 , I browse that saved text file to and then clicked on Generate.
  5. But now it is displaying below error message.

It’s first time that seeing error message like yours.
Sorry that I cannot solve it anymore.
Instead Note please.

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