Orchestration and Machine Connection issue

Do you have admin provision?

Thanks for replying.

Could you clarify you meant do I’ve admin rights for logging onto my laptop?

I just login to the laptop provided by company using my login details. If that makes any sense.

oh company laptop :thinking:then you probably don’t have full access to computer.
You login as the user and you have limited control over the system to make changes.
Please be in touch with IT people to set up as its one time job. :slight_smile:

Hey @manpreet.sangha

please check this thread:


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thank you aksh1yadav, it seems I’ve run out of options. Flagged it to UiPath to let us know how to proceed, uninstallation and reinstalling UiPath is not something I can do at my end. Your answer may be correct with respect to UiPath installation but it is extremely frustrating.

I’ve received a reply from our UiPath contact that I do not have admin rights on my laptop that’s why the settings tab doesn’t open. One of our colleagues is able to open the settings and he has admin rights. So hopefully that is the issue, I’ll keep you posted.

Well from my perspective dont aware because i also dont have any.admin rights and my friends also. Faced three times and after reinstallation or repair we were able to get that pop up. Anyway. :+1:

CE can be installed in user mode and can be connected to Orchestrator CE.
Trial/Enterprise install itself as a Windows Service and you need an admin to configure the settings.

Looks like a firewall issue too.

That problem was only occured when we were using trial version then just
entered the license key and that product support team said to reinstall and
that work too without admin but may be u r also right :relaxed:

i think there is/was an option to install the service. (not 100% sure). if you do not install it Enterprise will work in user mode too. Could you check if you have the UiRobot Service installed?

That was nine months ago and system has been changed but yes uirobot service was installed.


i ve read the whole topic but i m not sure what the problem is here…
can you give us some updates?

@Gabriel_Tatu I’m not able to open the settings tab to update UiPath settnigs with Orchestrator URL and Robot key.

don`t you have a prompt to enter administrator credentials?
is the robot service running?
what studio version?

It seems I do not have admin rights on the laptop, so I’ll update on the forum once I’ve admin rights and able to check whether that solves the issue.

Note that you don’t have to have full admin rights in order to this


@richarddenton Sorry, I do not have access to that link you provided. Could you post the contents from that link into your reply, if possible.Today someone from UiPath logged onto my laptop and came to conclusion that I’m not able to see settings because of admin rights. They could be wrong though.

Hey Mihai,

It seems it’s not quite as simple as this. Here was what we think is the solution:

This problem could be due to the fact that the accounts used to provision a robot (developer accounts) do not have the Local User Rights Policy ‘Access this computer from the network’

This would work when using an admin username because it will be part of the local ‘Administrators’ group which has this policy.

There are 3 options to resolve this:

  1. Add the user account(s) into a group that already has this. However, this group is probably reserved for particular staff and may be hard to request approval.
  2. We add user account(s) into a ‘privileged’ group and give that group access to the ‘Administrators’ group on the individual VDI. The issue with this approach is that these accounts will have access to many other privileges they do not need.
  3. We add the user account(s) into a ‘privileged’ group and give that group the ‘Access this computer from the network’ policy on the VDI.

Our recommendation is to go with Option 3 if possible.



Ok we’ve been given admin rights and we were able to update UiPath settings and execute jobs by creating new jobs. :slight_smile: