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Thanks a lot for your feedback.

We are ending the week with a positive performance trend.

Please note that Learning Plans have structure updates. If you previously completed Level 1 Foundation (2018.2 or 2018.3 version) or Level 2 Orchestrator, your progress for those courses is now reflected in the new RPA Developer Foundation learning plan. Please check the Academy FAQs for more details.

We encourage you to follow the Academy Course Roadmap to vote for the courses you want to see published next.

We’ve also launched a new, formal Certification program, called UiPath Certified Professional, and will be retiring the previous certification.

The new Certification offers:

  • Expansion and improvement to our legacy certification program
  • Higher quality, more secure exams
  • Two Certification levels to assess proficiency across RPA roles
  • Online testing and 6,000 in-person testing locations globally

Our new Certification program enables you to join a growing community of qualified knowledge professionals who develop high-impact RPA solutions across the industries. Enroll in one of two certification levels – RPA Associate or Advanced RPA Developer – and earn globally-recognized credentials that grow your credibility and marketability as an RPA professional:

  • UiPath RPA Associate is recommended as a foundational certification level for anyone building simple automation solutions. It tests problem-solving and process development skills as well as abilities in UiPath platform
  • UiPath Advanced RPA Developer is recommended as a second certification level for those in technical roles (RPA developers, solution architects, and infrastructure engineers). It assesses the ability to build complex and efficient RPA solutions in enterprise environments and proves you are production ready.

While we recommend that everyone enroll in the UiPath Certified Professional program to maintain the most up-to-date credentials, the legacy certification will remain free and open through April 30, 2020, for those who were already preparing for the exam. Legacy certification credentials remain valid until April 30, 2021.
For more information, please check the Certification FAQs.

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" The legacy certification will remain free and open through April 30, 2020, for those who were already preparing for the exam" I can’t seem to find a way to schedule for this free certification exam ?


Hi Team,

Thanks for the assistance. Request your input on certificate details. I have completed the UiPath Advanced RPA Developer certification last year. I need certificate number for uploading the certificate in the system but I couldn’t find it in the certificate. Please advise. Thank you.



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Hey @prakriti_rajbhandari, check under Academy Resources tab. One of them points you there :smiley:

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Hey @cosminSimion I just finished Robotic Enterprise Framework Deep Dive
(Advanced Level ) and I can’t find My Certificate …

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Hi, can you please let us know the question pattern for each type of certifications. Like does it contains only Multiple choice questions or includes workflow creations also?

Hi Cosmin,

Thank you for this memo.
My understanding is that if I want to enrol for certification now for the first time, I am not entitled to free admission anymore, is that correct? At first glance, I saw that the price for level 1 certification is 150.00 USD.
Also, I saw that it is possible to take the exam remotely on your local machine, where can I find the description of how such exam looks like vs. the one taken at one of the offices (I guess most of them are closed now due to COVID)

My thirds and most important question: is there anywhere a draft circulating showing the type of questions, the exam layout, or an exam description itself, so that I can read through it and get better
prepared? I am really new to this as you can see

Thanks so much for help!


Hey @karol.jankowski,

All of the details are enclosed on our website.
While scrolling the page, the Certification process is explained, step by step.

Brief answers for you:
You can still enroll for free until April 30. This is the due date for retiring the current certification. Moving forward, yes - RPA Associate fee is $150 and the Advanced RPA Developer fee is $200.

The competency model covered by UiPath Certified Professional are detailed during Step 1 - Choose the exam.

You can take free online practice tests to ensure you are ready to take the proctored exam, as detailed during Step 3 - Practice.

I am here to support you if you need any other information on the subject matter.


cc: @amithvs


Hey @visnu31,

Please send us a query here. We are replying all of the requests and this one is handling sensitive information.

Also ping us on this thread after the ticket is registered.

Thanks a lot,

Hi Cosmin,

I had to interrupt my studies and only now was I able to continue. I want to do the free legacy exam until April 30th.

I also read about the certification information and the UiPath Certified Professional FAQ. The new structure is clear and understandable, but nothing can be learned about the legacy exam.

  • What is the exact process of the legacy exam?
  • What is the deadline for applying for the exam?
  • Can I take 3 exam attempts as promised?
  • How much time do I have from the start of the exam to the end?
  • If I start before April 30, can I finish after 30?
  • What else do I need to know besides professional knowledge?

Please help.

Best Regards,

Attila Molnár

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Hi Cosmin,

How about the original exam that we finished? RPA Developer Advanced.

I think it is the same thing with UiPath Advanced RPA Developer, isn’t it?


Hey @mmatt,

We are happy to hear that RPA is still in your priority list for personal development.

The exact process for the legacy program is posted here
You can continue with the legacy certification until April 30
You can take up to 3 attempts until April 30
You have 90 minutes + up to 3 attempts for Theoretical exam and 180 minutes + up to 3 attempts for Practical exam to finish the program
Starting with April 30, the legacy program is being discontinued, no matter the progress you have
RPA Developer Foundation and RPA Developer Advanced Learning Plans are not mandatory, but we do recommend taking them before proceeding to exam
The certificate of completion for legacy program is valid for 12 months since you earn it

cc: @raymondhui


Hi i am new to the forum ,

I am to this forum as I am facing Login issue with UI Path academy , at first time i was able to login successfully and access all courses but later i updated my primary email id to ‘’ , so after that I am unable to login , every time I login i get Page as Please verify your primary email id. But i have not received any mail on my primary email id to verify and access the UI Path cources.

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Hi @akshay.salvi

Welcome to our UiPath Forum! :slight_smile:

Please contact our Academy Support for direct assistance at this link:

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I have earned my junior robot badge in Dec 2019 but I cannot see it in my account. No reply on membership request also .
Can anyone help me out with this?

Hi Academy team,

I am an enthusiastic user of UiPath! and think UiPath is great, super good!

I compressed and uploaded the Generate Yearly Report workflow on 04/15/2020, but still haven’t gotten any results yet. Could someone please check if there was
an error.

Thanks a lot

Best Regards



Hi @quoc-hoang.trinh

Please contact our Academy Support team at this link:

I am sure they will help you out, although it might take a bit longer due to a big amount of tickets our team is currently processing :slight_smile: