Free Certification Exam for UIPath Advanced Developer

I am trying to complete my free certification but i am not finding the link under

I cannot see the dashboard which redirects me to the page to take the online quiz and practical exam. I could see the free certification has been extended till April 30 2020 but in the above link

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Hi @vamsi.battulaus008

You must try this link.

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For the free exam, do you think having knowledge on 2018.3 is enough?

@Andreea, Thank you, can you confirme that if we complete the L1 L2 and L3, it will be possible to do the practice exam free online, as it was previous years?

Hi @abdel,

The practice tests can be taken for free at any moment in time and they are different from actual certification exams.

These practice tests are static (meaning they always have the same questions) and prepare you for taking one of the paid exams in the UiPath Certified Professional program.

If you are referring to the free legacy certification exam, I am afraid that was retired in April, 2020 and we no longer offer any free exams in the new program.

Let me know if there’s anything else I can help with.

and for previous obtained certification, they still relevent?

Are you asking if the current practice tests for the new exam are valid for the old legacy certification that was retired in April? Thanks.

yes,indeed i had obtained the advanced one in 2018

@abdel I am not sure what you are asking… but let me see if I can explain a little better.

The practice tests are free tests to practice your knowledge that assess how prepared you are to take the new certification exams. They are relevant for the current exams and you should go through them if you want to get certified in the new program.

If you got certified in the legacy program in 2018, and are looking to get certified again in the new program, you should still go through the exam description documents, recommended training and of course the practice tests before you take the new exam again. You will need to update your knowledge and test it through these practice tests.

Please note that a PRACTICE TEST is different from a PRACTICAL EXAM, which was the second part of the legacy certification you took, in case you may be confusing the terms. The new exams don’t have a practical part, just multiple choice, drag and drop and simulation based questions that can be found in these practice tests I keep mentioning: :slight_smile:
By practice tests I mean: and

Hope this is what you are looking for, if not please give me more details around what exactly you are trying to understand. Thank you.

Will there be free certification exam again in the coming year ?

Hi @Tanmay_Nagdeve,
There are no plans of reintroducing a free certification in the following year. Thank you.

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