UiPath Certification Doubts

Hi Guys,

Did anyone completed the free Certification of UiPath?

Please explain me the process how can i go with that exam?



register in this academy.

UiPath Academy and theres a course called advanced learning plan after enroll for that follow the course order as it says(level 01, level 02 and level 03).you can follow other courses as well.

good luck

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  1. Register for the UIPath academy
  2. En-roll for the courses
  3. Complete all the lessons
  4. Download your Diploma

Karthik Byggari


There are 2 areas of UI Path Certifications/Diplomas

In UI Path Academy you have

  1. Foundation Developer Diploma
  2. Orchestrator Diploma
  3. Advanced Developer Diploma

Post this you should attempt the Certification (which is free till 31st December 2018) and has a validity of 1 year (this is what you add to Linked In and other websites to show your qualification)

Link>>RPA Certification Advanced RPA Developer | UiPath

You will get 3 attempts for MCQ Exam (Theory) and for Practical (practical can be attempted only after you pass the theory)

On passing both your code will be reviewed and you will either get the certificate of developer from UIPath or you will have to re-attempt

Hope that resolved your query


@Vidwa @KarthikByggari @neonova
Thanks to all of your prompt replies.

Please see the attached screen print and advice me whether am on right track to complete my Diploma course certification?


Any idea how will the Practical examination will be going on?

The practical Exam is a random exercise similar to the exercises in the advanced course but timed in 3:30 hrs
you will be supplied in the exam introduction with excel file contains the grading schema you will be evaluated accordingly

in order to download the diploma you must complete the course. best of luck :blush:


:slight_smile: Thanks Vidwa

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Okay @Esraa

Thanks for your info.

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Hi Guys,

I m planning to take the RPA Advance free certification exam and i think second part is we need to design our workflow but once we designed the workflow where we will upload it?

Can anyone please give a deep explanation about your experience happened on the RPA Advance free certification exam perspective.?

Thank you

Make sure you are very confident with RE-Framework concept. Only then attempt the certification


Okay Understood . For me one doubt.
Where will the RE Framework will work while doing real time automation?
Please give me a idea.

well its basically just a standard to make a UIPath automation

it helps you understand how to organise your flows in a production enviroment for easy updates/improvements by various developers for the lifetime of the automation

In case of the test it will be used in UIPath’s test website itself

Thanks @neonova

But i could not find any Demo video for RE Framework to start from Scratch.

Can you please help me?

advanced developer diploma in academy has videos with examples, start that

Okay @neonova thanks for your time

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welcome, please make an appropriate solution if your query is resolved to benefit others in future :slight_smile:

Hi @arun
I have cleared all diploma courses for UI-Path and Aslo completed MCQ exam for certification. Before going for practical exam, Can you please tell me how to proceed with this exam… Like weather its a time bound exam(Complete it in 2hours or likewise) and also tell me if we need to consider any other things for this.

Thanks for help.

Please read the Grading System in Excel file, You can download in Certification Page.

Also, It is time bounded with 3:30 Hours. Once you entered in Practical Exam Remaining time will be shown in Upper side of the Instructions. (Also Like in MCQ Exam).

Please make sure you are confidence with REFramework . Also Your Orchestrator and Robot working Properly.

You have to upload as a single Zip file with all your processes and if there any outputs.

And also you have to upload the Zip file before the time expires.

Best of luck :slight_smile:

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