RPA Developer Advance Certification - Free util December 31st 2018. Again Extended to June 30th 2019


Hi Friends,

RPA Developer Advance Certification is available for free util December 31st 2018.Please do it now. who is having a plan to do later.

Reference :

Advance wishes.


Really can get Developer Certification with only experience in Advanced learning plan?
How to study uipath?

the page https://certificate.uipath.com/account/login… is not working.

anybody have this issue…?


Click on the Uipath Login button. It directs you to give the user name and password.



its just redirecting back to same link… dont know whats the issue.


You have to resend confirmation email

  1. specify you email
  2. check you mail box
  3. use link from your email box (inside message you will recived)
  4. log in again
  5. you will see dashboard
  6. you can start online quiz now (1st stage of exam)

neither i am receiving any mail from uipath after providing…


Hi @phyogananda

Please provide more information under this link:

I am sure our team will resolve your issue :slight_smile:

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What exactly is this mail.Is this certification same as what we did by completing beginner,orchestrator and advanced or a different one?

Thanks in advance…:slightly_smiling_face:




No. It’s not the same certification of Uipath Academy. It’s a paid license which is now free until 31st December. It’s a huge opportunity :slight_smile:



Yes . He is right and true…




Once we have completed the assignment/certification exam and received the ‘green Certified badge’, how do we view the feedback via the graded rubric? Or is this no longer part of the certification process?


HI @Lucas.Pimenta is training material is same for this exam becuase what i came across is questions are tricky plus academy training does not completely helped me to solve the questions over there

Please assist if there is another advanced levek training apart from academy


@Jon4than i think for the advance its not part of the process


the page https://certificate.uipath.com/account/login is not working. please suggest


i am facing the same issue . have you got any solution for that .


its working in my laptop at home sometimes, but in office not working at all.

you try in ur personal sys or laptop. i guess the link is not stable it will redirect again n again back to login page



Any one has idea about rpa advanced certification exercise after completing theoretical test?
which exercise has to be completed within 3:30 hours?


Can anyone kindly give some idea, the hands on project test part, is it like online coding in a sandbox or like when we do assignments, finish in our pc and upload the project to the testing site?


Hi @helenzh

It is like the advanced training, you solve it on your computer :slight_smile:


Thank you so much@ loginerror:smiley: In assignment when i uploaded the zip file, i can never make it pass…have to record the whole process…can I do recording in exam as well?