RPA Developer - FoundationTraining


Have anyone completed the course?

UiPath Certification
How to ask a good question?

haha come on @badita there are like 163 slide in"RPA Dev Basic Training"
started course 3 days ago now I’m on 6th session :nerd:. 50% completed . :slight_smile: I must say very impressive training material includes clips,workflow,theory etc.:clap:
Again thank you for bringing this academy for all the RPA developers.
try to finish course ASAP so i can post here again :v:


99% completed.
45 Qn 3 attempts to get certification.
First attempt 60%.
second attempt 71.11%.
last attempt yet to try but scared :cry::cry:
Don’t even know which one I answered wrongly due to multiple ans pattern.:smiley:




Hello Dilip,

Please let me know if you managed to get the certificate. Also, if you encounter any issues with the certification exam please send us your username/email address used for register so we could check the status and progress.



I guess someone has to confirm first…
Was quite interesting and a nice refresher (feedback was sent through the form at the end).

Although I did skim through a lot of the parts, aside of some nitpicking material seemed quite comprehensive and is definitely a good base to build upon.
What I didn’t write there, was that the final exam questions could’ve been more varied from the previous subtests (there were differences, but not enough of them to show understanding instead of just memorisation IMHO).


Successfully completed the Basic Training Certification. It was very very good.
Multi choice questions and the fact that we dont know which answers were correct made it really tough… But all good at the end.


I got certified, finally.


Finally did it.
Certified RPA Developer.:raised_hands::trophy:

Thank again to UIPATH for providing such a wonderful platform which adds credibility in RPA career.




I am done with RPA Developer - Basic Training, I got Certificate :slight_smile:

Thank you!


I am still 50% in progress. Very elaborate and well framed materials in fact :slight_smile: Enjoying it


currently in Section 6. It is showing as Flash : Video file not found :frowning:
is it temporary issue


Done. \m/

Thank You UiPath Team. :slight_smile:


I got certified as well, passed with exactly 80% on second attempt :slight_smile: . I got only 73.3% in first attempt.


Hey, mine 2 attempt i over and got only 75 %… can u pls help me where i am wrong… i can send the questionnaire solved on ur email id. ?


Certified \m/ :slight_smile:


How to get this tag of UiPath Certified in forum… I have also completed the certification


UiPath Certified
Go here and join group.


Hi, I’m going through the RPA Dev Basic Training and I have encountered this kind of error in my trial version. Do you know what type of error is this?

[ERROR] [UiPath.Workflow.Logging.StudioTraceListener] [16] System.Exception: Could not connect to UiPath Robot Service. Make sure the service is started!


Here is the solution.(Just repair the UiPath it will work)