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Community Feed will be moved to Go!

This category stores the knowledge about all components uploaded to our Community Feed. However, because the feed was replaced by a much more mature and functional UiPath Go! platform, it will no longer be used and we disabled the Upload button.

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– only Forum staff can create new topics
– everyone can reply

The community feed has a new home


Thanks to @Alexandra_Olteanu, @dburner, @Cosmin_Popescu and others :slight_smile: the community feed has a new home: gallery.uipath.com

You can login only using the forum account

Package Naming Rules and Verified Owners

  • please use the format [Company/User].[Good Package Name].[Activities]
  • we’ll be able to reserve the prefix for you if you are a verified (real) user
  • once a prefix is reserved, only a group of users can upload packages with that prefix
  • packages created by the UiPath dev team are prefixed with UiPath.
  • packages created by UiPath employees are prefixed with UiPathTeam. and will be most of the time open sourced
  • we may mark users as “verified package owners”

More here: NuGet Package Identity and Trust - The NuGet Blog


  1. In the Manage Packages window, in the left panel, right-click any category.

  2. Select the Configure Sources from the context menu. The Package Source Settings window is displayed.

  3. Add https://gallery.uipath.com/api/v2 as a new package source

Here is the documentation on how to create a custom activity:


For non-UiPath employees:

Which license types will you be accepting?
Is closed source acceptable (or code will need to be shown to UiPath for verification, but not open sourced)?
Are packages without activities (f.e. type extensions) allowed?
Will it be possible to get authentication tokens/keys for upload from CI/CD pipeline?
What documentation requirements will be imposed (because they will be, right? :wink: )? Will it be possible to include documentation into Activities Guide for verified packages?

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Up to the author of the package.

It is. We won’t take any responsibility for 3rd party content. But I guess open source will spread faster.

Yes. We’ll actually add snippets, templates and soon library workflows too. For the first category Nuget Package Explorer is an excellent tool for unarchiving. Integration with Studio may come for those.

What do you think about using the community repo? GitHub - UiPath/Community.Activities: Repository of Windows Workflow Foundation Activities for UiPath Community… we’ll add an auto deployment tool.

Something to sleep on.

The only verified packages are those created and supported by our dev team. They are already on the activities guide (I hope :)). The others are verified owners but we can’t take any responsibility for the content of their packages. I think that to allow other owners to post documentation in the activities guide will be an overhead for us.


Is it possible to use this gallery to deploy the automation workflow packages?

For eg: can we try the below step and show how the nuget deployment works?

  • Generate API Key in “https://gallery.uipath.com/
  • Go to the community version of orchestrator and in settings update the community url in deployment section and add the api key.
  • Create a test package and publish in community version of studio which is connected with the orchestrator.
  • Following the above step, I should be able to see the packages in Orchestrator and Gallery correct?

Can we allowed to try this above step?


Hi @badita @ovi

Today I tried to upload an activity but I did not received any confirmation email.
I checked my spam folder.
I also tried in the past and attempted to contact support but no chance.