Open Source Activity packs for Community


Hey everyone! By now you already know we are trying to make your lives easier in terms of UiPath interaction and experience so we have a confession to make :blush: :

We have released 6(six) Activity packs to the Community public repo:

Database, Cryptography, Credentials, FTP, Java, Python - they are all OPEN SOURCE now!!! :tada: You can use them as inspiration to build your own activities and publish them on UiPath Go!

Please add any issue you find here:

Guidelines for contribuing to the Community repository can be found in GitHub.

Now let’s see what making the activities open source means:

Q: Have we discontinued support for these Activity packs?
A: No, we still offer support. In case of issues, we now store them in GitHub so we can collaborate with our Community in order to fix them.

Q: How about new features?
A: You are now empowered to request, develop and contribute to both features and improvements for these packages. We are happy to work with you to shape the future of these activities

Q: Can they still be used in production?
A: Yes, all updated will be validated and approved by UiPath so we recommend our customers to use them in production.

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This would be incredible, wow! Back to back hits