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Below you have Documentation and Sample attachment for the “BalaReva.Datatable.Activities”

You can find the Activities in DataTableExtensions NameSpace


  1. Add Data Row Range
    It allows to add collection of datarow into DataTable.

Sample File : (7.8 KB)

  1. Remove Data Row Select
    It allows to remove the data rows based on the Select(Where) condition from DataTable.

Sample File : (7.6 KB)

  1. Group By Aggregation(Sum,Count,Avg,Max,Min)
    The Group By Aggregation activity aggregate functions (Sum,Count,Max,Min,Avg) to group the result-set by one or more columns.

Sample File : (8.1 KB)

  1. DataTable to XML Document
    It Writes the Datatable into a XMLDocument .

Sample File : (7.6 KB)

  1. DataTable to XML File.
    It writes the datatable into a XML File.

Sample : (7.5 KB)

Note : To Know that how to add the Gallery Package into Studio. Please check it below.

Make sure the package is installed or not…