How to make my custom activity visible to entire UiPath community

I created custom activity using with visual studio, Nuget explorer and published in manage packages.
I am able to search the activity under manage packages and able to use it. But, my colleagues are unable to find the activity under manage packages.

Any help to make this package visible to UiPath community is appreciated.


Copy the file inside the Packages folder of your UiPath Studio install location ( %USERPROFILE%\.nuget\Packages ).The NuGet Package containing your custom activity is now ready to be loaded in UiPath Studio.
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I did the same way and i am able to use it, But how to make it visible to other UiPath community users?


Kindly have a view on this

Cheers @Niranjan_Nellutla

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You can upload that component into Uipath GO. Uipath team will test and once every thing is fine then they will publish. Then everyone can access that Package from GO Package source under Manage packages.

Meanwhile you can share that .nupkg Package to your colleagues to use it.