Community Forum - we revamped the categories

Hello everybody!

Our Community Forum is growing really fast and we are extremely excited about it!

We thrive to provide an open platform for you to collaborate, to help each other and to share your ideas. Joining the RPA journey was never easier and it is thanks to every single user who decided to embark on it.

This is why, together with @ovi and @badita, we decided to redesign our forum categories a bit. We understood that the old structure was a bit chaotic and ad hoc. Therefore, we focused on grouping the categories in a way that would simply make more sense.

Our overarching theme was the RPA journey. Our goal was to create a simple structure that allows you to easily find the information you want. The biggest changes are:

  • Announcements and Releases categories are now positioned at the top of the category list, to make sure you can easily access UiPath related news :information_source:
  • RPA Dev Rookies replaces the former RPA Dev → Rookies and was promoted to a full-fledged main category :muscle:
    We recognized the need for new users to have an easy to find, cosy place to ask their questions. This is the place where beginners can start their RPA journey.
    If you are not sure if you are a Rookie or Advanced, you should definitely post here first :slight_smile:
  • RPA Dev Advanced was added for those willing to go a step further :nerd_face:
    The root category is a place for more advanced talks. It also contains several subcategories, including the former Orchestrator CE main category together with its two subcategories: O - How To and O - Issues, now all merged together. We recognized that a centralized place to cover all Orchestrator related queries might help users in addressing them in a timely manner (plus the two subcategories were often intertwining each other anyway).
    Other included sub-categories touch on more advanced topics of Setup and Licencing, Scale, Apps as well as RPA Challenge.
  • Learn has been simplified a bit :writing_hand:
    The Academy subcategory should contain all Academy related questions. The FAQ and Tutorials will be dedicated to all commonly asked questions as well as troubleshooting guides.
  • UiPath Go! now hosts two subcategories - one for the old Community Feed and one for Components. In the future Components will be automatically filled with content uploaded on UiPath Go!. Stay tuned for that! :unicorn:
  • Ask in Your Language was added in case you wish to ask your questions in your own language :globe_with_meridians:
    For now only a couple subcategories were added, but if enough interest is shown in the main category, a new subcategory will magically pop up.
  • Random category is here for you to talk about pretty much anything else. Here you can :brain::cloud_with_lightning: ideas with your fellow RPA enthusiast or simply relax :beach_umbrella: and gossip a bit (we won’t tell anybody :shushing_face:)
    The ability to earn badges is disabled for this category.
  • User Voice and 日本 were not changed in the slightest, yet :crazy_face:

See below for a comprehensive list of all categories. Feel free to click any category to learn more about it. The links lead to descriptions for each respective category. You can always find them pinned at the top of each category.
Each category and sub-category has a separate set of rules governing the ability to post new topics or reply to existing ones. Feel free to explore the descriptions of each category/sub-cateogry for more information :slight_smile:
You will sometimes only be able to post in the subcategories. This is by design and is supposed to streamline our Forum a bit.

Lastly, we are still tweaking the category permissions to match the new changes. You can expect a follow-up post in the near future :slight_smile:

1. Announcements

2. Releases

3. RPA Dev Rookies

4. RPA Dev Advanced

5. Learn

6. UiPath Go!

7. User Voice

8. 日本
Japanese forum structure did not change

9. Ask in Your Language

10. Random


A quick question to the community about the RPA Dev Advanced category.

Right now all general and advanced questions that do not have an appropriate sub-category should be posted in the root of RPA Dev Advanced.
Do you feel like it is intuitive or should we rather create another subcategory RPA Dev AdvancedGeneral to keep all the questions that do not fit in any sub-categories?

Thank you a lot for your feedback :slight_smile:


Yes @loginerror that should be a good idea…as most of the questions are not specific to only one mentioned category


The question is, do we need to put another General sub-category, even though one can post directly in the root category RPA Dev Advanced :smiley:

See here:

Thus, all general questions right now should simply go to the root of RPA Dev Advanced.
This is in line with the all rookie questions being posted under RPA Dev Rookies (which simply doesn’t have any sub-categories).

However, we are wondering if this is intuitive enough. If not, we will create RPA Dev Advanced → General and lock the root from posting :slight_smile:


Although the current structure is good enough to use, I feel that creating a seperate root folder for all other general queries will make the category clean and more structured. Even while pulling reports subcategory column adds as a proper filter.


I think the categories are very well structured. RPA Dev Rookies is fine with posting on root only.

RPA Dev Advanced has been sub-categorised well already, adding General would do the same to it what is happening with RPA Dev Advanced root now, so for now I think let’s see some more time how it goes.

Else if we want it how about a sub-category named Development?