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How can I add Go feed in Enterprise Uipath studio?
Is it recommend or not?

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You can add it in the Manage Packages Window.

Go to settings tab then select it in default package sources.

If you require some components from Go then it is recommended - otherwise there is no need to link the default package source.

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Thank you very much :blush:

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  • The Go! public feed contains all the activities published on the UiPath Go! marketplace by our ever-growing community of partners, freelancers and UiPath RPA developers. Please note that whether or not packages are built and officially supported by UiPath is specifically stated in the Manage Packages window, Package Information tab. This feed is disabled by default, and has the following source: https://gallery.uipath.com/api/v2 .
    Please be aware that UiPath has no control over the unlisting of packages created by partners or the Go! feed community. However, UiPath keeps unlisted packages active to ensure backward compatibility for runtime purposes.

Here you go with a document

Cheers @Deepak_M