Wrong file name on Internet Explorer Save As

I’m trying to complete the last assignment of the Advanced Training. I have to download the montly reports and save them with a specified name in a specific path. Whatever I do IE always saves the file with the original file name instead of the one I’m providing in the save as box.
I tried everything I could think of to force it to accept my file name, but every strategy that works manually doesn’t work for the robot.
Anyone else had this issue? Can you help me to fix it? I really need to fininsh this module fast…
Thank you.

Hi @nunomt,
try using click activity with button right property and they you will find the save as option and then use click image to clik the save as and then give the name as you wish and then continue,

let us know if this helps,

Pavan H

Hi @nunomt
What worked for me was:

  1. Split the full path in “folder path” and “file name”
  2. “Type in” “folder path” in the path field of the “Save as” window
  3. “Type in” “file name” as described in the assignment
    (not using “Simulate”)

Please try this approach.

Best regards,

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Thank you for your replies.
What actually worked for me was to remove the “Simulate” as @mmc said.
I don’t understand why it is explicitly said to use it. It cost me a lot of time.
Thanks again

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