"Save as dialog" box doesn't save with the name which i gave it to it

I have been trying to make my UiPath Advanced Level Project ( Generate Yearly Report ). I try to download a file from " https://acme-test.uipath.com/reports/download ". When “save as dialog” box appear, the “file name” field will be named with my variable which i keep folder path and file name in it. But i doesn’t save my file as i named it.

As you see in the photo the robot writes it correctly but saves the file with different name. How can i make that happen. In the further step i have to find that document to process it

Hi @Arif_Kilic

did u use the type into activity as simulate type ?

if yes untick the simulate option in type into

Nived N
Happy Automation

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it worked :slight_smile:

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Mark it as solution so we can close the topic :blush:

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