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in my Robot I need to simply download a file from a IE webpage, so I created a simple workflow

Where it simply clicks on the arrow button then clicks on Save As option to open the “Save As” Window and select the file name and destination …


I have used simulate click “Sendwindowsmessage” does not work.
How to make it work in background?
How to give the save as selector in send hot key button?
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@CamiCat instead of clicking on “Save as” option use “down” send hot key and then use “enter” send hot key

Thank you @Manjuts90.
Can you please share a workflow?
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Hi @CamiCat,

I had that problem before and ‘Save’ works fine in the background but ‘Save as’ didn’t. So, What I had to do is use get text to get the name of the file (which is right there in the same bar), then using string manipulation to only get the file name, then using ‘move file’ activity, move the file to where you want to save it and rename it. I will see if I can find that project to show it to you. Also, I will see if there are any other methods because maybe the new versions now support it.

Hi @CamiCat

Check this

Ashwin S

Thank you so much @rmunro,

if you can share the xaml you can help me a lot

Hi ,

Do you know the link of the download ?


@CamiCat Check below workflow, i have tried downloading part with acme webpage.

flow.xaml (9.9 KB)

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Thank you so much @Manjuts90.
The enter hotkey doesn’t work.
Can you please help me?

@CamiCat use send hot key inside attach window

Hello @Manjuts90,

can you please share with me the generic xaml which works for every explorer url?
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