Wrong folder download file IE


i have to download a lot of files from Internet explorer and save them in differents windows folders in a virtual machine

By default, When i download a file, folder “Download” is configure.

When my script download a file from IE and in “Save as” i put the specific folder path, my file is downloaded in “Download” Folder and not in the specific folder …

For information, i haven’t problem in my local computer .;

Any help ?

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share your code / screen shot

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I have been trying to solve similar issue as I want my process to be extensible and noticed that no matter if I use the “type into” activity with the full file path. Internet explorer ignores it and saves to the default download directory and I don’t want that to happen. Did anyone else try this and resolve ?

Obviously the robot cannot know the file structure of a particular machine in advance and so we cannot simply do a recording of navigating to a chosen directory using the browse button in our ie session. surely there is a work around :frowning:

You have not been doing it right. I have done it many times. Do it like below:


Environment.CurrentDirectory - use this if your folder is where the workflow file is present i.e you uipath project directory
ExportLocation - folder if you have any
FileName - File Name

something like [C:\users\admin\uipath][myproject\downloads][test.pdf]

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Hi Nadim, many thanks for responding so quickly.

I’ll give your approach a go and see. I’m guessing what you mean is that I should target the current folder input box in the save as dialog

And change its focus to where my project folder is, and then simply put the filename in the usual input box rather than entering the entire filepath in the filename input box. Is that right ?



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Yup, give it a try, its a working code that i use often :slight_smile: