Write Range More than 25MB Excel, Unhandled Exception

Hi Team,

I am trying to write a excel file with large amount of data into multiple sheets.
But when the excel file size increased more than 25MB, the process has been terminated with a unhandled exception.

Using latest version 2019.9
Tried initially with 2018.4 version, faced the same issue.

Upgrade Your Memory, in most of cases handled by me this have solved the issue.

yah this happens,
may i know how may records are added because the limit of excel is limited to 1,048,576 rows by 16,384 columns
but this can be handled with EXCEL ACTIVITIES i.e., dont use workbook related activities for such large and use excel activities which will directly use MS Excel application

Cheers @sarathi125


In a single sheet, it written 75K rows with 30 columns.
Do you mean excel application scope with write range will handle this.


Yeah it is working with Excel Application Scope Write Range.
Thank you

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Cheers @sarathi125

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