System error exception


I have more than 7k rows in excel file. I need to read and write those data into another excel sheet.
These are the activities i have used

  1. Excel Application scope
  2. read range
  3. Remove duplicate rows
  4. Excel Application scope
  5. Write range
    This is the error what i’m getting

    This is the code
    Main.xaml (11.2 KB)


Are you trying to printing the output in message box or what ?

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Hi @sindhura506,
In your workflow you are using image .
Remove this activity and check if error is still.

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Hi @sindhura506,

Kindly remove write line activity as @Pablito suggested. For further more reference, kindly check with this URL



No, i’m writing that in another excel sheet


Have you used the “Build data table” activity to initialize the 2nd excel file?


But Write Line activity is doing in your case the output of full excel data you get from “strout” variable to the Output console. As you said your excel consist of 7k rows so UiPath console can be out of range to write this everything out.



But in the above screenshot, I observed that you are using Output dataTable activity to convert dataTable to string and storing result in ‘strout’ variable. After that you are trying to print that result either using Write Line or Message Box activity. As you said, it is large data so we can’t that print that large data either of that activities and it’s showing error.


@lakshman i didn’t get where i’m getting the error so, i’m just for checking purpose i have used output data table and write line activities. after deleting these activities also getting same error message.


For checking purpose, i just used write line activity.After deleting that activities also i’m getting same error


No, i’m just using already existed excel file. i’m using excel application scope and write range activity.



Kindly check whether you have any arguments that takes this large datatable, if so remove it. Or if you have any loop that reads the table many times more than memory. Kindly check with tht as well

Hope this would work…



Thanks. It is very useful link.In that link they told that for large data arguments are not able to assign.But i need to add this output data table to argument because i need to use this data table in another flow.Is there any other way to process this


After removing arguments it is working fine but how can i use this variable in another process with out using arguments

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Output data table usually gives us string format of a datatable. Here as you say you wnt to use that in another flow, better you can copy that to an excel or to a csv file, that can be used in another flow. Or if you have orchestrator, you can make use of queues…

Because it seems like you have large size data…



Hi @sindhura506,

I would like to know whether you are going to use the data table or the string format of that datatable in CSV format, using output data table

This answer would really help us to find the way that you actually want…



i’m using data table not string format.just checking purpose i have used output data table and write line activities.




So if the error didnt occur after removing the arguments of output data table and writeline activities, you can make use of that datatable variable as an argument for another process…!


@Palaniyappan Yes, i’m doing that one. out argument is writing the data to excel sheet.But, after completion of writing it is throwing same error message.



kindly dont use that datatable as out argument, instead we can enter the data from that datatable to an excel (Keep that excel inside the project folder itself) in the current process, then you can use that excel in another process rather invoking that out argument.

Else better make use of queues, thats the best way of using data in two different process.