What is the limit to the '' Write range'' activity

Hi guys,

at the beginning of my process I am using a read range on 250 000 cells

then my process is running and will keep running for about 30 hours

and then at the end I have a ‘’ write range’’ for 250 000 cells FULL

I am worried that the write range is going to fail at the end and not write anything, 250 000 cells to write at once is a lot. so do you know if my write range is gonna fail at the end ? don’t want to wait 30 hours to find out please teach me

Many thanks

I have written more rows than this. So no worries but I have used Excel Scope and then read range inside the scope. If you don’t want to wait, simply read the file and and write it again in another file just to see whether it will work or not. But excel scope is advisable here.

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Hi @4751203118d5c62d58b6be22a

If you are working with this much rows then we can use excel VBA macros using invoke VBA activity which is faster…



@kumar.varun2 is right there should not be problem, i also worked on more than these rows, i got no issue while writing.

I guess your excel may contain formulas which let us wait.
system configuration matters.

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I had the same problem as you. I’ve solved the issue by splitting datatable into chunks. You can check the link below to understand how to handle it.