Using uipath for Excel


Is it feasible to use Uipath if there are lacs of records in excel file? Can Uipath work if the size of excel is huge?

Hi @Sana_Afreen ,

If you are using Excel Application scope that can be done. What is the excel file size, is there any Macro and any formulas available in the excel?

Check this post

Even if this is not working for you then you can try use the excel as database using the Access Database engine, no need to install MS-Access database. Then you can query the excel file as a database.

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Hi @Sana_Afreen
Try using UiPathTeam.XLExcel.Activities. This is an activity that specifically targets huge excel worksheets and workbooks.
If this doesn’t help then please ensure that the system on which the bot is running has sufficient RAM (16 GB recommended) and please build your code using excel application scope and activities associated with it.

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There is no package exist with this name