Write extra large excel file

I need to write a very large data table variable to an Excel spreadsheet. I cannot use excel application scope because I don’t have excel installed where the bot will be running from. When I use the workbook activity I get the error that the bot stopped unexpectedly. Most likely due to the size as I had the same issue with reading but was able to use the custom activity linked below to read.

Read Extra Large SpreadSheets - RPA Component | UiPath Marketplace

Is there a custom activity to write extra large files also? I searched and searched and could not find a solution.

Hi @kasey.betts
I recommend you to write data table make chunks of it and then append in excel file
Here I am sharing a link where user are reading large number of data from excel through chunks
but its reverse will be helpful in your case.

Hey @kasey.betts,

Use excel as a database and given the write permission in the connection string this way you can write the large datatable to the excel file.


It looks like this would require Excel to be installed as it needs Excel to remain open.

I am still getting this error when I use this method. I have tried multiple different chunk sizes and all give me same message.

Job stopped with an unexpected exit code: 0xE0434352