How to read large excel xlsx files in Uipath

I have problems when reading a huge excel *.xlsx file. The excel xlsx file has 640.000 rows and 72 columns.

I want to read the excel file and upload the output DataTable to SQLserver or local DataBase to use it instead of normal Uipath Activities due to performance.

When using Uipath.Excel.Activities the activity crashes in a computer with 20Gb RAM.

I have used Excel Aplication Scope

I get the following error: Job stopped with an unexpected exit code : 0xE0434352

Also I have used from marketplace the UipathTeam.XLExcel.Activities
(Read Extra Large SpreadSheets - RPA Component | UiPath Marketplace)

but I got the error :
Read range: The specified package is invalid. The main part is missing.

I have being reading through the forum but didn´t get a clear idea of the right solution : efficient in time and robust.

Hope you have a clear idea on how to solve the issue.
After reading the excel .xlsx file If I want to write the output DataTable to a CSV file should I get the same error? .

I want to operate with the Output DataTable using data manipulation filters. Is this a good idea? Or just send that to an external Database and operate apart from Uipath?

Is this solution working? Large Data and DataTable to DataSet - RPA Component | UiPath Marketplace

Thanks in advance for all your efforts.

Please try to change the extension to.csv and try


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Using data table is a good start to sort out undesired values.

have you tried Read Range (see documentation)?

I would suggest splitting the excel in several files and looping through it.

Feel free to ask additional questions

csv is one of the best or use google doc

@ma.beascoa Did you try excel sheet as a database

Hi @ma.beascoa,

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I’m attaching a link to a similar problem. If the problem persists, please let us know.


Hello @ma.beascoa
Please mark it as solution if it solved

I edited the original sample.xlsx file and changed the name to sample.csv
Then I ran the Excel Aplication Scope, Read Range from Uipath.Excel. Activities, as with normal excel files and got the same error.

I used the ExcelAplicationScope, and Read Range activity from Uipath.Excel.Activities and also a imported a UipathTeams.XLExcel.Activities from marketplace and could not solve the problem.

Hello @ma.beascoa ,

please refer to the below post as well. Ignore if you have already gone through it.

Can you try to create an excel with 4lac rows and try to open using excel scope and read range activity?

Also will this file size increase or is this the maximum?

@ma.beascoa Can you please try read csv activity?


standarize your xlsx file as csv file, then use a read CSV file activity, it will be futher realiable and faster as xlsx


I used the EXCEL APPLICATION SCOPE and READ RANGE ACTIVITY using Uipath.Excel.Activities, and also the activities placed in market place from UipathTeams.XLExcel.Activities.
And there is a crash in all of them, It´s not possible to handle such a big excell file without having errors. I use to kill excel process and delay 3 minutes before using these activities.
My CRM aplication only gives me excell files no CSV files. so I need to convert excel to csv files in uipath .
Thanks for your answer.

My CRM aplication is providing excel files, nos csv files. My source is this huge excel file that is difficult to manipulate.
I wan to pass the data from excel to database or csv file in order to import it
Thanks for your help.


Will it be possible to split the excel to 2 different sheets and read each sheet? If the number of rows is making the issue, then can you think of splitting it to 2 different sets and make a try?

Read csv activity reads xlsx excel files? My source is a huge xlsx excel file.
I want to convert this huge excel file to a csv

I don´t want to work with this excel file for data manipulation because it takes so many time, the robot is taken more than 4 hours…

Could be a possible solution if Uipath would read the excel file, the issue is that with this file I can not work, even manage to divide in 2 small sheets and work with them separately.
It takes 5 minutes to open the excel file doing it manually. But when applying EXCEL APPLICATION SCOPE it crashes.

I wan to load the excel data to a database, so I can handle those data more efficient.

Thanks for your reply