i have a scenario

i have 100000 line items in a spreadsheets and due to size spreadsheet is not opening .how do i approach this issue .?

and also i need to split these 100000 items . so that 50000 items can go for one user of sap and 50000 for other user of sap . how do i do that ?


How about the following custom activity? (Please note that this supports only Windows-legacy)


LINQ (Language Integrated Query) can be used to handle large data sets more efficiently. Here is how you can approach your scenario using LINQ in UiPath:

  1. :open_file_folder: Read CSV/Excel File Activity: As in the previous approach, start by reading the Excel file. If your file is in CSV format, use the Read CSV activity. If it’s an Excel file, use the Read Range activity from the System package.
  • For Read CSV, in the “FilePath” property, enter the path of your CSV file.
  • For Read Range, in the “WorkbookPath” property, enter the path of your Excel file.
  • In the “Range” property, input the range of cells that you want to read. If you want to read the entire worksheet, leave it blank or type “*”.Both activities will output a DataTable. Create a new variable (let’s say dtAllData) to store the data from the Excel file.
  1. :abacus: Assign Activities: Use two Assign activities to split the data into two separate DataTables using LINQ.
  • In the first Assign activity, create a new DataTable variable (let’s say dtUser1Data). For the value, use the following LINQ query: dtAllData.AsEnumerable().Take(50000).CopyToDataTable(). This will take the first 50,000 rows from dtAllData.
  • In the second Assign activity, create another DataTable variable (let’s say dtUser2Data). For the value, use this LINQ query: dtAllData.AsEnumerable().Skip(50000).CopyToDataTable(). This will skip the first 50,000 rows from dtAllData and take the rest.
  1. :arrows_counterclockwise: For Each Row Activities: Now you can use two separate For Each Row activities to iterate through each row of dtUser1Data and dtUser2Data, and perform the necessary tasks for each SAP user.

This approach will split your data into two separate DataTables, which you can then process separately for each SAP user. If you need further assistance with the SAP automation part or anything else, please let me know !

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@poojaskyrathore I have a code to read max 1648576 rows from excel to one data table by chunk of 50 thousand rows. But its meging in one table.

@poojaskyrathore with little bit change you can use this


Did you try using excel as a datatabse that way it can read the data easily and you can read with row count as well