Write Cell Workbook - hangs the studio

Hi All.

I’m trying to add some data in an excel file using Write Cell Workbook and the Studio just hangs, no errors, no exceptions, the execution just remains pending.

The issue it seems, is with the file size, as my excel is ~3.5MB.
For smaller files it works ok.

Can someone have a look/test this? (sorry, can’t share the excel file)

Using UiPath Studio Community, v2023.4.0 and UiPath.Excel.Activities 2.20.1

Thank you.

It could be because of the size

If you still would like to update the value on cell level then read that excel file as a datatable and then add the value with a assign activity by mentioning the row column position

dt.Rows(row index)(“columnname”) = “your value”

Where row index starts from zero for first row
And then write this datatable back to excel with write range activity

Cheers @TheArchitect


I have a few options to write in the excel, but was curious if it is a known issue or just standard behaviour because the file is a bit larger.


Yeah, it will be because of the size your excel is
As an alternative you can check on Excel as Database if possible, So that you can run SQL Queuries to make it faster

Hope this may help you


Hi @TheArchitect

You can try splitting up the data into smaller chunks and write each chunk to the Excel file using the “Write Cell Workbook” activity. This may help to avoid overloading the activity and prevent the Studio from hanging else you can also ,

Make sure that you are using the latest version of the UiPath.Excel.Activities package. Upgrading to the latest version may resolve any known issues or bugs related to writing to large Excel files.


Thanks. I’ll look into it.

Update: It seems there is a huge difference in terms of handling writting data to excel, between Write Cell/Range and Write Cell/Range Workbook. The first one works much faster.

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