Error while using write range

while using write range with datatable having 15000+ records i’m getting this error, kindly help


What is the size of rows/count of rows you are trying to write in excel from the datatable.


15600 rows and 15 columns

What activity you are using excel or workbook? try both also use kill process with process name excel.exe before writing data in excel

i’m using workbook activity
but when i use excel activities also i’ll get some job error even if i use kill process


This is an expected issue when trying to read/write huge data. How about writing chuncks of data instead of writing the whole data at once

Hello , Will you share the output error message screenshot. To find error from which activity.

Data is not huge but you can try dividing the datatable into chunks and writing it in a loop
you can follow below link to get the code required


Thank you for the help

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