Using Excel as Database

How can we connect with excel as a database ?

Step by step guide

  1. Open Excel file (Note - excel file must remain open)
  2. In UiPath Studio Drag and drop Connect / Execute (Non) query activity
  3. Click Configure connection
  4. Open Connection Wizard
  5. Select Microsoft ODBC Data Source
  6. Use Connection String
  7. Click Build
  8. Go to Machine Data Source
  9. Click New
  10. Click Next
  11. Microsoft Excel Driver(.xls)
  12. Next
  13. Finish
  14. Give Some Data Source Name and Description --> Select workbook --> Select the particular excel file.
  15. Press Ok for all the windows.


Attached is sample workflow, excel file and screenshot of ODBC connection. 

XAML File  Download file
Spreadsheet  Download file


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