Worried about legacy exam value


At the end of last year i’ve finished the Uipath Exam. I am trying to find a RPA job in the Netherlands, but still many organizations here scout the RPA market, seeking students with the highest degree and highest programming and financial skills(In finanance area its becoming more mainstream).

Internal employees with these prerequisites are also looking for a way add RPA to their resume.This left me as someone who has experience with ICT projects(ERP) and high educated but no real solid basis in programming a bit competeless in the market. Although, i told them RPA is for the most part low code, and the exam proves my skill in complaince with the best RPA practises. The appeal of the legacy exam is not very attractive for employees is my experience, until now many are drowling in their sweat to convince themselves and others to see the value of it. I assume this because of the sudden rainchecks i get.

I am beginning to fear that the legacy exam that is valid for 1 year has no real value for organisations. Because the exam quality is not as high as the 2 new exams UiRPA and UIARD. Those exam are more complete and have camera security, so organisations may want to skip the legacy and certificate someone new. My hope was that with the legacy exam i have an advantage in the market, but instead the exam does not convince the market yet, i am afraid.

Aside from the 1 year validity for the certificate. Are there more benefits coming for those who have a legacy certification? To enforce the compliance and neccesity for organisation to attract a legacy developer?

I feel a little bit left in the dark here and thinks i cannot go futher with a very short RPA career. Maybe when the market here is more steadfast, RPA is mainstream, employees scarce(educate programmers first) i am the next in line. But who knows?

Maybe It could help? if we get vouchers to take the other 2 exams? or more complaince benefits?


Hey man, I don’t know how things work in the Netherlands, but I wish you good luck and get used to it soon)


Upgrade your self in RPA and try to achieve the good command over it. You can find the work as freelancer also and make your profile strong. Nothing matter except knowledge. Good luck.


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I completely agree with you. It depends on us how much we will know and what kind of specialists we will become. The main thing is always to continue learning, especially any profession in the IT field requires a lot of patience, but in the future it can bring good earnings. When I was a student, we had a lot of theory, and I didn’t have time to learn everything. Then I found the guys with spotoclub.com they helped me pass my final exams well. Now I work for a large company and get a good salary. Well good luck)