Regarding Uipath Advanced certification

Hello everyone!!!
I have passed theoretical exam. Now I need to pass practical exam also. Anyone can help me for pass that or given me 6 practical scenario code.


Have you cleared the Level 3 training in Academy trainings @Jesmine?

The certification exam will also be in the same format and if you get those two exams done there, then it will be very easy to clear the certification as well :slight_smile:

Good luck


In addition to what Hareesh said, make sure to name stages/workflows/etc EXACTLY the same as they tell you to in the training. This was a huge pain point for me because I was giving them clearer/different names and then found out the grading was 100% automatic.


Don’t be scared, if you have completed the level 3 certification then this will be an easy task for you :blush:

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Hi @Jesmine

Dont have much to say as @HareeshMR @chenderson and @Shubham_Varshney mentioned most of the points…

If you have already completed level3, just go through the solution you have done to refresh your memory on those before starting the exam.

All the very best and see you again as a certified RPA developer :grinning: