Frustrated RPA Developer Certificate

Hi All,
I would like to share my frustration with you in regard to pursuing my RPA Developer certificate. As you can see I have been away from the forum for quite some time.

After I have excelled in Uipath and finished the Advanced Certificate and I had lots of passion towards learning Uipath to finish my RPA Certificate track. Although I am 45 years now and I have been a Sr. Project Manager for the past 13 years and left the technical field a long time back. I wanted to be part of this field even if I will be a junior again and I have started my journey in Uipath. However, I was stuck in the SAP Automation cause I couldn’t find an SAP application to practice the training and I have posted and sent messages to many people with this regards but all my attempts went in vain.
Anyway, thanks for reading my post am trying now to find any way to refresh my skills and get more hands-on experience as you might all know most of the employers require experience if not all of them.
Thanks once again.