Is the Advanced RPA Developer Certification worth it? Has it opened more doors for you?

I see it is on offer for free until the 31st of March and I was just wondering how much of a boost, if any, it gives you and whether it is worth the time. I have never been one for certificates really, but I do appreciate that very product specific roles could be helped by certs. e.g. Salesforce. Is UIPath in that bracket too?

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Hi @JesusCamden,

so from my experience it doesn’t matter that much if you have the cerification or not. I did the certification and had quite a lot learnings while doing the practical part of the certificate. I never dig so deep into the ReFramework like in the certificate to understand it 100%.

Now i really love using the framework and use everything in a correct way. So from my side i would only suggest the certification to you if you plan to switch your job or you are right now not familiar with the ReFramework.

Kind regards

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Many roles I have seen do ask for the Advanced RPA Developer Cert if you are looking to go to a Lead role etc. Any certificate will always put you to the top of the list I guess.

Hi @JesusCamden

Many company putting the condition of advanced certification. If you want to switch or you want more depth about RE Frame work. Then it would be good for you.

idk, I can’t get the software to run right, so so far this whole thing is just a wall in the way of getting some programming done.