Beyond Certification

I just get my Developer Advanced certificate.
What courses do you recommend to continue learning?
My goal is simply to be more attractive to recruiters.

Thank you,

Hi @mciaffone,

Depending on the role you want to develop. If you’re into a more technical role. Go for the solution architect and infrastructure engineer. Also I recommend the BA even thoe it’s not technical you will need to create the PDD even thoe that’s a BA role in today’s world most companies requiere a Dev to do it as a all roles. In the perfect world you would only do it as a developer but to be honest they put you do the stuff not related to it. So if you can go through it, you will be more attractive. Also, I recommend you to learn other tools as well. Rarely you get hired if you only know 1 rpa tool. The most popular tools out there are Uipath, Automation Anywhere and Blueprism. If you know all 3 that’s like a 100% chance that you will get almost any rpa job since most of the people right now just know at the most 1 or 2. I know 3.


Thank you @rmunro,
Following your advice I went to Automation Anywhere University website, tried some lessons but I did not like the learning materials/teaching style.
So I went to Blue Prism and started the foundation training courses, so far so good.
I like the UiPath Accademy better, but BP seems to be very similar.

And I will have a job interview for RPA Developer this week…
Beyond the possible outcome of that, it has been very fast!


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I agree that academy is better. Good luck, keep me updated. :smiley:

If there’s anything I can help you with let me know.

As UiPath RPA Developer & RPA Business Analyst I had a couple of interviews … but it is still very difficult with +30 years of experience in IT and software development, which means that I am 57 years old, to get an opportunity.
Anyway, I will keep trying!
Thank you.

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