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y i am getting error, if i am trying to add multiple column values

If i add column name i am getting column doesn’t belong to table,
If i add index based one column it is adding,
If i adding multiple columns based on index, i am getting error connot find column 2,3 like.

Hi @shaikjani, Can you please share your table details or CSV if you are reading data from it.

Hi @shaikjani

Please share sample input data file and xaml file. Can you please check the Column Name in Datatable and Name which you are using inside for each row should be an Exact Match. if not studio will throw this kind of errors.

Vijay Kumar C.


Add Queue Item will take only the String varianles, if you adding multiple column values you can concatenate and put it in single string and later you can split when you fetch it.
Column index will work always, but column name will work only when you use the Add Headder marked inside the properties on read range activity


After Read CSV total data table getting into single column only.
if i keep same data into excel file it is working fine, but with CSV can’t.
any one help me.

Thank you Pavan,

like its adding Untile without duplicates,
If duplicate occures it will throw an error, what will do.

Dumplicates can be allowed by checking allow duplicates while creating
Delete the existing queue and create new with same name